Early Morning Yoga

Wednesdays with Geraldine & Thursdays with Elena,
Time: 7.15 - 8.30am

Geraldine's course on Wednesday morings is designed specifically to kick start your day providing a strong and physical workout with an energising and stimulating effect. The practice will centre on asana [postures] techniques in the classical tradition. The method of teaching and practising Ashtanga yoga is one of consistent regular practice over a long period of time. Experienced teachers help students become established in the sequence of postures called The Primary Series. Students practice this sequence at their own pace, according to their individual abilities and under the teacher's guidance. The Primary Series offers new challenges as the student becomes stronger, more flexible and develops greater awareness of their physical body. All our classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced students.  

On Thursday morning, Elena's Hatha Flow classes are idealy suited to beginers with gentle movement between poses.